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Kids Christmas Party Catering Package


Suitable for 15 - 25 Guests (depending on age of children and time of day)

INCLUDES: Christmas Themed Plates & Napkins

1 x Fruit Kebab Platter (30 pcs)

1 x Fairy Bread Platter

1 x Jelly Cup Platter (24 pcs) (Christmas Themed colours and packaging)

1 x Kids Sandwich Platter

24 x Banana Chia Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting and Christmas Decoration.

1 x Parent Platter (Assortment of Cheese, Vegatables, Antipasto and Crackers)

1 x Kids Nibbles Platter (Individual cups of popcorn, dried fruit, vegetable sticks and crackers)

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Kids Xmas Party.jpg